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Dr. Phillip W. Serna Performing the U.S. Premiere of Carl Friedrich Abel’s Concerto Violo de Gambo with the Concord Chamber Orchestra

Concord Chamber OrchestraNew Comma Baroque’s Phillip Serna joins Jamin Hoffman and the Concord Chamber Orchestra in a special collaboration presenting TWO concert works featuring the viol: Rudolph Dolmetsch’s 1941 Concertino for Viola da Gamba and Small Orchestra and the U.S. Premiere of Carl Friedrich Abel’s Concerto Violo de Gambo in A major!
Often labelled as ‘the last gambist’ and a 3rd-generation viol performer, Carl Friederich Abel (1723-1787), was son of Christian Ferdinand Abel, viol performer in court ensembles led by Johann Sebastian Bach. After studies Leipzig and a post to Johann Adolf Hasse’s court orchestra in Dresden, Abel joined the London court of Queen Charlotte where he befriended Bach’s son, Johann Christian with whom he established the Bach-Abel Concerts. Published by Edition Güntersberg in 2018, Abel’s recently-attributed Concerto Violo de Gambo in A-major is his only surviving work for viola da gamba and orchestra, discovered alongside previously unknown works by Johann Carl Graf zu Hardeck, Anton Milling, and Anton Raetzel.Other works on the program include Balakirev’s Overture on Three Russian Pieces, Harty’s Suite from Handel’s Water Music. Hindemith’s Eight Pieces for Strings, Riley’s In C and Dolmetsch’s Concertino for Viola da Gamba and Small Orchestra.

For more information on the Abel’s Concerto Violo de Gambo, please visit & for more information on Edition Guntersberg, please visit


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